Monday, August 12, 2019

Data Types in C Programming Language

In the C programming, data types specify an extensive system used for declaring variables or functions of different types. The C data type of a variables determines how much space it occupies in memory and how the bit pattern stored in memory will be understand by processor.
Various arithmetic datatypes and functional datatypes available in C programming language are enlist below

Data Types in C and Description

datatypes in c language

Basic data types Of C language:

integer type
This type is used to define integer numbers. It is denoted as "int" in the C programs in this c programming tutorial
int number;
number = 5;
Floating-point types.
This type is used to define decimal numbers. It will be denoted as "float" in the c language
float Miles;
Miles = 5.6;
Boolean type
The Boolean type is used to define a variable that consists of only two values true or false
bool b = getc(stdin) == 't' ? true : false;

double - data type
Double in c language is used to define BIG decimal point numbers. The memory reserved for this datatype is twice as compared to int datatype. Likely to be 8 bytes.
double Atoms;
Atoms = 2500000;

char - data type
char data type defines characters in a c program.

char alphabet;
alphabet = 'x';
Enumerated types in C language:
They are also arithmetic types and they are used to define variables that can only be assigned certain discrete integer values throughout the c program.
The type void:
The type specified void returns no value, meaning no value is available. It is used mainly in functions which returning null or no value.

Derived types in C programming:
They include (a) Pointer types, (b) Array types, (c) Structure types, (d) Union types and (e) Function types. Which will be detailed in the next chapters


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