Thursday, January 10, 2019

10 Difference between C++ and C# Programming Language

What is the Difference Between C++ and C#?

difference between C++ and C# | C++ vs C sharp


C++ is a low-level language.
C# is a High-level Language.

It supports the multiple inheritances.
It does not support multiple inheritances.

In C++, you require to manage memory manually.
C# automatically manages Memory.

In C++, after compiling code changed into machine code.
In C#, after compiling code is changed into an intermediate language code.

C++ used for developed console applications.
C# programming used for Windows, mobile, and console applications.

for Each loop is not supported in C++.
for Each loop support in C#.

C++ does not support garbage collection.
C# supports garbage collection.

C++ Does not support bound checking of arrays.

C# Support bound checking of arrays.
Using this language can create a standalone application.

Using this language cannot create a standalone application.
In C++, you can use pointer anywhere in the programme.

In C#, Only in Unsafe mode, you can use a pointer.


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