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Introduction to Python Programming

What is python?

Python is an object oriented programming language. It is easy to understand and a high level language. Python was developed by  Guido Van Rossum” .  
Python Programming Tutorial

Statements in Python language: like the other languages python also included if statement, while loop, for loop, do while loop, continue statement , pass statement , break statement etc.
Use of python : python is used for web development, software development, system scripting.
Creation of a variable in python: to create a variable  python doesn’t have any command.

EXAMPLE for creating a variable :
x = 5

Simple example of python program :

x = 4 # x is of type int
x = "Sally" # x is now of type str

Operators in python : Python has some operators like the other languages. And these are as follows-
1.)    Arithmetic operators :  these  are the operators by which we can do the arithmetic operations. These operators are –
a.)    addition (+)
Example : a+b;
b.)    Subtraction :  (-)
Example : a-b;
c.)     Multiplication:  (*)
Example: a*b;
d.)    Division  (/)
Example : a/b;
e.)    Modulus : (%)
Example : a%b;
f.)     Exponentiation (**)
Example : a**b;
g.)    Floor division (//)
Example : a//b;
2.)    Assignment operator:  with the use of these operators we can assign the values.
a.)    = 
Example: x=a;
b.)    +=
Example : x=x+a;
c.)     -=  
Example : x=x-a;
d.)    *=
Example : x=x*a;
e.)    /=
Example : x=x/a;
f.)     %=
g.)    //=
Example : x=x//a;
h.)    **=
Example : x=x**a;
i.)      &=
Example : x=x&a;
j.)       |=
Example : x=x|a;
k.)    ^=
Example : x=x^a;
l.)      >>=
Example : x=x>>a;
       j.)     <<=
               Example : x=x<<a;
3.)    Comparison  operator : with the help of these operator we can compare the values.
a.)     Equal (==)  example: a==b;
b.)    Not equal (!=)  example: a!=b;
c.)     Greater then (>)  example: a>b;
d.)    Less then (<)  example: a<b;
e.)    Greater then or equals to (>=)  example : a>=b;
f.)     Less then or equals to (<=)  example : a<=b;
4.)    Logical operators : are the operators which help to combine the conditional statement.
a.)    And :  it returns true if both conditions are true.
Example:  x>a and x<b;
b.)    OR : it returns true if one of the statement is true.
Example : x>a or x<b;
c.)     Not : it reverse the result.
Example : x>a not x<b;
5.)    Identity operators:  these operators are used to compare the object. If they have the same object.
a.)    Is :  it returns true if both variables have the same object.
Example : x is y;
b.)    Is not : if both variable have the same object.
Example : x is not y;
6.)    Membership operator : are the operators tests  if a sequence presented in an object.
a.)    In : Example: a in b;
b.)    Not in : a not in b;
7.)    Bitwise operators : are used to compare binary numbers.
These are as follows

               AND,OR,XOR ,NOT,Zero fill left shift, and Signed right shift.


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