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Introduction to Python Programming

What is python? Python is an object oriented programming language. It is easy to understand and a high level language. Python was developed by  Guido Van Rossum” .  

Statements in Python language: like the other languages python also included if statement, while loop, for loop, do while loop, continue statement , pass statement , break statement etc. Use of python : python is used for web development, software development, system scripting. Creation of a variable in python: to create a variable  python doesn’t have any command.
EXAMPLE for creating a variable : x = 5 y = "VISHANK" print(x) print(y)
Simple example of python program :x = 4 # x is of type int x = "Sally" # x is now of type str print(x)
Operators in python : Python has some operators like the other languages. And these are as follows- 1.)Arithmetic operators :  these are the operators by which we can do the arithmetic operations. These operators are – a.)addition (+) Example : a+b; b.)Subtraction :  (-) Example : a-b…